The Grant

As part of the Research Fellowships the PhDs, Postdocs and Assistant Professors will receive a grant to help cover additional cost of living and travel:

  • The program will provide the recipients with a scholarship of 2000 USD/month.

  • The program will cover travel costs to and from California.

  • The program will contribute financially towards the relevant research group with 1500 USD/month. The contribution will be paid directly to the receiving university.

The PhD-student/postdoc will have a mentor/host at the receiving US University. The program has a designated project manager at Innovation Center Denmark in Silicon Valley providing administrative support during the stay.

The program does not cover expenses related to partners/spouses, nor does it provide paid maternity/paternity leave. The applicant must clarify maternity/paternity benefits with their home university. It is the responsibility of the recipients of the grant to clarify tax issues related to the grant.